Burak 脟anga 馃憢



My primary responsibility is to develop and sustain the server-side logic and database systems, facilitating efficient data storage, retrieval, and processing for online and mobile applications. Beyond work, my interests span various activities such as playing the guitar, cooking, camping, and traveling worldwide. I also have a keen interest in physics, astronomy, music, pets, mechanical timepieces, and cryptocurrency. In a significant life change, towards the end of 2022, we made the move from Istanbul to Mugla City, marking a new chapter for us. This transition was a first, driven by our appreciation for tranquility and the outdoors. In our new location, we relish simpler and brighter days.

Full-Stack / Backend Engineer

I just love coding. Doesn't matter FS or BE development.

I've been working on websites since 2007. I got the ability to collaborate and work with globally renowned businesses throughout the course of this extended time period.

These businesses include those that deal with e-commerce, forex brokers, gold, jewelry, etc.

I had to create and execute payment gateway solutions while working on e-commerce projects.

These payment gateways include PayPal or Braintree, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and numerous native bank digital point-of-sale modules.

The final four years of my development career were spent working as a Senior Full-Stack Developer.

I've mostly concentrated on and improved my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Laravel Framework, Codeigniter Framework, and Vue.js. On the other side, for job and queue-related issues, I had to create original solutions in C#, Python, and Node.js.

I am familiar with both the AWS and GCP systems. I'm capable of managing file storage, scalable app services, and containers. I adore taking on worthy challenges. I try to follow coding best practices since I'm keen to learn. I'm passionate about learning more cutting-edge technology.



Sr. Full Stack Developer

2023 - Now

Privilee 路 Dubai, UAE

Privilee is an award-winning membership that offers complimentary access to the UAE's premier beach clubs, five-star hotel pools and beaches, and world-class gyms. I developed Privilee's admin panel (dashboard) and the main application's Rest API endpoints. The company utilizes a technology stack consisting of Laminas, MongoDB, MySQL, Apache, Docker, and AWS.


Computer Science & Programming

2005 - 2007

Istanbul Aydin University 路 Turkey

The study of the theoretical foundations of computing and the practical techniques for implementing and applying them. It includes topics such as algorithms, data structures, programming languages, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, and software engineering.

Computer Programming

2001 - 2005

Haydar Akin College 路 Turkey

The process of creating software applications, websites, and other digital products by writing instructions that a computer can execute. It involves using programming languages such as Delphi, Java, C, and C# to create algorithms and data structures that solve specific problems. Good programming involves writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code that is easy to understand and modify.

Professional Experience

Sr. Full Stack Developer

2022 - 2023

Freetimers 路 Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

I've created a wide variety of Laravel modules. specialized in Laravel apps and Vue.js multi-website CMS. Also, I worked on redesign and update projects for extremely old websites. These updates applied to different PHP versions.

PHP Team Lead & Full Stack Developer

2021 - 2022

Student Marketing Agency 路 Los Angeles, CA, USA

My job involved developing modules for the project management software. Created a fresh database schema for a Laravel application in preparation for a move from Codeigniter.

Sr. Full Stack Developer

2018 - 2021

Gasable 路 Amman, Jordan

For the live version of the Gasable application API, additional functionalities were developed. Also, the chat API's architecture was constructed entirely from scratch, and a web application was established using these APIs. I utilized the chat API via Google Firebase. Moreover, new geolocation APIs for mobile applications were developed. Together with my work on Gasable's corporate projects, I also developed a blockchain payment system.


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